Provides the necessary and continuous supply of circulating water for washing plastic waste, with minimal topping up in the fresh water system


Provides high quality treatment of recycled water for continuous high-quality washing of secondary plastics


Provides effective removal of a large number of contaminants, in a compact form, generated in the water treatment system

Clean water is necessary in enterprises that process plastic waste. Industrial water treatment lines are equipped with powerful filtering systems that enables filtering of up to 30 m3/h. The use of professional machines is prescribed in regulatory documents.

The cleanliness of the liquid depends on the requirements of plastic and film processing technology. Water treatment involves the removal of contaminants and dirt. They affect the quality of the end product, have an effect on pipes and machine components.


Industrial water treatment involves the use of the following types of equipment:

  • sedimentation tanks;
  • clarifiers;
  • aerators;
  • softeners.

Bulk filter materials that remove large sized impurities are loaded into clarification filtration systems. The combined use of a centrifuge with a sedimentation tank ensures the quick deposition of contaminants.

Aerators are installed to remove iron from industrial waste water. Oxygen is pumped into the columns where it binds with the molecules of the dissolved chemical element. Iron is then oxidized, and the particles settle to the bottom of the tank.

Softeners are used to eliminate water hardness. Ion exchange resin feeds quickly and effectively soften water. The filter system removes iron. Machines for the treatment and purification of industrial water are installed for this very purpose.


Different methods are used. The most effective is:

  • Mechanical – for industries where impurities in water are dangerous and not needed. The method allows the filtering off of small or large suspended particles.
  • Sorption – a porous filter material is used to bind and retain impurities. The method effectively removes inorganic or organic substances.
  • Reverse osmosis – membranes with small holes that perfectly clean the fluid. Accumulated contaminant is discharged into the sewer automatically.
  • Disinfection. Industrial water treatment machines remove suspended particles and microorganisms.

We are manufacturers of plastic waste recycling lines. The cost of these industrial waste water treatment lines depend on power, technical parameters or design complexity. You can buy the machines as well as spare parts from us. Our experts will perform installation of machines and commissioning. We deliver products in Moscow or other regions. Make an application for drafting estimates or project through the site or by phone. The manager will contact you to advise or discuss the details of cooperation.


ПНД флаконы


The main problem of this type of waste is the high content of surfactants that contribute to increased foaming, the significant content of cellulose fibers from the dissolved labels, as well as the presence of glue, paints and other heterogeneous chemically active substances, whose remains are in recyclable bottles.

Переработка пленки

Переработка пленки, в том числе сельскохозяйственной плёнки и листов

Главной отличительной особенностью этого типа стока является большое содержание жмыха измельченной пленки, сформированной на стадиях дробления и центрифугирования, а также высокое содержание песка в сельскохозяйственных пленках.

Для эффективного и своевременного удаления жмыха и песка используются специализированное оборудование и технологии. Как жмых так и песок важно перехватывать на самых ранних стадиях их образования.

В противном случае повышенное содержание песка приведет к быстрому износу всей системы циркуляции воды (клапаны, насосы и любые другие движущиеся части оборудования), а большое количество жмыха заблокирует все последующие этапы очистки воды.

ПЭТ бутылки

Переработка ПЭТ бутылок

Как и при обработке пузырьков HDPE, этот тип технологической воды увеличивает концентрации поверхностно-активных веществ, растворенных меток и клея.

Важной проблемой при обработке ПЭТ является также эффективное удаление растворенных жиров после горячей промывки пЭТ- хлопьев.



Before filtering
up to 20,000 mg/dm
After filtering
300-500 mg/dm
Water before and after filtration

Disk filter testing example

We will come over to your premises with the necessary equipment to test the disk filter on your wastewater. Installing a test disc filter does not require anchoring, piping or other preparatory work. The installation location and the distance to the wastewater intake and the power supply point (380 V) are pre-agreed.

The test disk filter is equipped with an autonomous control cabinet, has a closed system for washing the filter disks with washer nozzles and a pressure boosting pump, and does not require connection to fresh water. The test disk filter is equipped with the necessary flexible piping and pumps for supplying and pumping waste water.

You will clearly see what kind of particles are filtered out from your waste water, we will analyze your effluents for the amount of suspended particles before and after filtering on the disk filter.

Testing is carried out within 2-5 hours or one business day (at the request of the customer). Connecting and starting up takes one hour.

The cost of testing is 25 thousand rubles with VAT + transportation costs to the place of testing (Van). At the testing site, we require a forklift with a lifting capacity of up to 1.5 tons for unloading and loading the equipment.

If in the future you decide to purchase our disk filter, the cost of testing will be deducted from the purchase price.

Leave your request and we will contact you to agree on the date and time: info@grangaro.ru

We implement an audit of your enterprise water circulation system. Our specialist will visit your company, inspect the water supply and wastewater disposal system existing and discuss with you about possible options for modernization, saving and improved of water cycle.

For foreign customers: it is payment of travel expenses for the specialist’s visit (travel and accommodation if necessary).

Leave a request and we will contact you to agree on the date and time: info@grangaro.ru

Free audit of watertreatment system