• Sand separators provide a simple and cost effective solution for removing fine sand from industrial waste waters or household wastewater effluents.

  • They are used in industrial plastics recycling, pulp and paper production, in slaughterhouses, in the food industry, in oil refineries etc.

  • Sand separators consist of a shaftless screw conveyor and a hopper.


  • Simple and reliable design. All parts are made of stainless steel AISI 304. Compact design, small footprint.
  • The effect of sand dehydration. Thanks to the shaftless auger and other design features of the GRAN GARO sand separators, the discharged sand is maximally dehydrated.
  • Protection of equipment downstream. The use of sand separators protects mixers, pumps and other equipment downstream of the process chain.
  • Does not require operator presence. The sand is discharged automatically. Continuous purification allows reuse of up to 95% of water, which significantly reduces the costs of the entire complex. It is only necessary to observe and periodically remove the sand collected in the container.
  • Mobility. If necessary, it can be easily reinstalled to another place.



Protection of machines
(pumps, mixers, etc.) located down along the recycling line, production output 15-60 m3/h.


Automatic unloading of sand,
as well as a variety of inclusions, including fibrous material.


Automatic cleaning
The screw conveyor may have an incorporated automatic cleaning system for removing organic material.


Overall dimensions, mm

Length, mm3520
Width, mm1250
Height, mm3320
Total installed power, kW2,5
Sand unloading systemincluded
Cleaning systemoptions


GRANGARO is a manufacturer of waste water and polymer recycling machines. You can order the machines we manufacture that meet your enterprise's needs. The company delivers spare parts, components, machines for polymer recycling in Moscow.

Industrial sand trap - a device that traps mineral particles contained in waste water. Clarifying water makes it possible to reuse it, saving resources.


The organic particles separators we manufacture are widely used not only in films and polymer recycling enterprises. The sand trap for wastewater clarification is used in oil refineries, slaughterhouses, in the food, pulp and paper industry.

The principle of operation of this machine is based on the gravity of particles. The specific weight of gravel and sand is greater than that of liquid. When waste water flows, suspended particles get deposited along pipelines.

The fine gravel and sand separators we manufacture are designed for a specific speed of waste water flow. The use of sand traps allows you to protect machines (pumps, mixers, etc.) located down along the recycling line.


The use of sand traps is economically viable in industries where a lot of water is required. Clarifying waste water before its drained makes it possible to reuse it.

We offer horizontal sand traps made in such a way that the cross-sectional area of the inlet is wider than that of the outlet. Separators are equipped with bins where fine gravel and sand accumulates. They are located at the beginning of the spiral-screw conveyor.

Our experts will calculate the desired flow rate of wastewater, which will allow using the acquired sand traps in polymer processing lines as efficiently as possible. The sand traps consists of:

  • a bin;
  • shaftless spiral screw conveyor.

The mechanical sand trap purchased from GRANGARO automatically discharges sand, fine gravel and other solid particles. The automatic cleaning system allows for quick removal of organic material without interrupting the process.

We will draw up a project and select separators for your plastic recycling and water treatment lines. Our employees are guided by:

  • customer wishes;
  • the desired production output;
  • the lines available at the enterprise.

Leave a request through the form on the website or call the managers on the specified phone. We will answer any questions, draw up a design plan and draft estimates quickly.