Дуговое сито для очистки стоков

STATIC SIEVE for mechanical wastewater treatment

  • The static sieve is designed for mechanical treatment of industrial waste water for various applications.

  • Two options are available - gravity and vibrating sieving. Simple and efficient design.

  • Wide range of applications.

  • Multifunctionality. It can be built into various systems of industrial water treatment, it is successfully used in industrial enterprises
  • Automatic mode of operation. Gravity screening ensures consistent throughput. For heavily polluted waste water can be equipped with a vibration motor
  • Simple and reliable design. All parts are made of stainless steel AISI 304. Reduced maintenance costs due to the absence of replaceable filter elements.
  • The filter element is made of wedge-shaped wire and has excellent hydraulic performance. In addition, this filter unit is more wear-resistant than other types of filter elements.
  • Does not require operator presence. The waste is discharged automatically. Continuous screening allows reuse of up to 95% of water, which significantly reduces the costs of the entire complex. It is only necessary to observe and periodically remove the screened and collected contaminants.
  • Mobility. If necessary, it can be easily reinstalled to another place.




It can be integrated into various industrial water treatment lines. It is successfully used in industrial enterprises.


Automatic mode of operation

Gravity mesh cleaning provides stable throughput. For heavily contaminated waste water it can be equipped with a vibrating motor.


Low operating costs

Reduced maintenance costs due to the absence of replaceable filters.

The static screen is used for static separation of liquid and solid. The machines perform high quality screening of industrial water for reuse.


The machine has a simple design and is efficient. We have two variants on offer, vibration and gravity screening. The price of the static screen makes it possible for it to be used in various industries.

Static screen is a device that divides the source material into several depending on the size of the particles. It works based on the principle of passage of fluid through the structure, the movement of water on the surface. As a result, solid particles are trapped and then removed into a special receiver.


  • high production output;
  • high-quality purification of industrial water;
  • wide area of use;
  • automatic operation;
  • stable throughput;
  • treatment of heavily contaminated liquids.

GRAN GARO is a manufacturer plastic recycling machines and waste water treatment solutions. The machines are made in Russia.

The price of the static screen depends on:

  • production output;
  • production output;
  • size;
  • other parameters.

We will manufacture the machine taking into account your preferences. The designer will draw up a plan for the water treatment or the polymer waste processing line. The cost of machine is indicated in the estimate. You can leave a request for the preparation of the project through feedback form on our site. We will promptly contact you to answer your questions, agree on the meeting time with our experts and details of the order.