• 10 times better filtration rate compared to traditional mechanical screens.

  • Effective self-cleaning system.

  • Waste dewatering effect.

  • Can be built into any waste water treatment system, can be quickly reinstalled to a new place.

Гидрофильтр и барабанная решетка.jpg

  • it removes up to 80% of suspened solids from waste water. Effectively and quickly retains all small and medium suspended solids. Significantly improves downline equipment efficiency. It is compact and mobile, if necessary, it can be easily reinstalled to another place.
  • it significantly reduces costs. Solidsare automatically filtered on a mesh from 150 to 800 u. Continuous purification allows reuse of up to 95% of water, which significantly reduces the costs of the entire complex. The rotating disc filter does not require any specific maintenance and works in fully auto
Made entirely of stainless steel, the disc screen combines high structural strength, efficiency and simplicity rarely found in other equipment used for this purpose. Filtration of contaminated wastewater from suspended particles by a pair of vertical rotating discs has three important advantages:

  • Continuous self-cleaning of filter panels by accumulating waste.
  • Automatic discharge of waste when it accumulates (with the effect of partial dehydration)
  • Increased filtration effect on the vertical surface of the discs. Suspended particles fall on the filter panels not perpendicularly, but at an angle, due to which the filtration efficiency increases dramatically and can vary depending on the rotation speed of the discs (adjustable from 3 to 18 rpm).

Rotating discs screen has the following advantages:

up to 80%

Сокращает время очистки отстойников и простоя оборудования. Эффективно и быстро удерживает все мелкие и средние взвеси.

up to 95%

Загрязнения автоматически фильтруются на сетке от 0,1 мм.

Непрерывная очистка позволит Вам повторно использовать до 95% воды и существенно снизить издержки всего комплекса.

and mobile

Легко переустанавливается на другое место. Не требует постоянного обслуживания, необходимо наблюдение и периодический вывоз отфильтрованных загрязнений.


IF 107 1150 900 650 DN50 DN80 DN80 1”
IF 110 1660 1265 950 DN65 DN100 DN100 1”1/2
IF 114 2220 1775 1100 DN100 DN150 DN150 1”1/2
IF 207 1150 900 1050 DN80 DN100 DN100 1”
IF 210 1660 1265 1300 DN100 DN150 DN150 1”1/2
IF 214 2220 1775 1600 DN150 DN200 DN200 1”1/2
IF 314 2220 1775 2000 DN200 DN250 DN250 1”1/2

А – Length

В – Height

С – Width

D – Intake

E – Filtered Water Outlet

F – Overflow pipe

G – Flush water inlet

Установка буферного резервуара перед стадией фильтрации
даёт два главных преимущества :


Постоянный поток
жидкости к Гидрофильтру


Перемешивание входящей
воды с уравниванием
параметров загрязнения

  1. Сточные воды с завода
  2. Система грубой фильтраци
  3. Насосный отстойник
  4. Реле уровня
  5. Погружной насос
  6. Регулирующий клапан расхода
  7. Впускная питающая труба
  8. Переливная выпускная труба
  9. Выпускная труба фильтрованной жидкости
  10. Автоматический клапан
  11. Впуск промывочной воды
  12. Электрическая панель управления
  13. Выпуск отфильтрованного твёрдого материала
  14. Резервуар для сбора отфильтрованного твёрдого материала


  • Производить забор подлежащих фильтрации сточных вод питающим насосом из буферного резервуара, ёмкость которого составляет не менее 1/20 от суммарного суточного сброса сточных вод.

  • Устанавливать насосы с вихревым рабочим колесом, поскольку они способны поддерживать циркуляцию жидкостей.

Питание гидрофильтра может производиться самотёком
когда подлежащая фильтрации жидкость находится на такой высоте,
которая обеспечивает впуск во входную систему ГФ.


Объём резервуара должен быть более 1/100 суточной производительности установки, производящей сточные воды

  1. Резервуар
  2. Фильтр грубой очистки
  3. Буферный резервуар
  4. Автоматический клапан
  5. Электромагнитный клапан
  6. Гидрофильтр
  7. Циркуляционный насос
  8. Резервуар для сбора отфильтрованного твёрдого материала
  9. Электрическая панель управления
  10. Реле уровня
  11. Выпуск фильтрованных сточных вод


  • Устанавливать насосы с вихревым рабочим колесом, поскольку они способны поддерживать циркуляцию жидкостей с высоким содержанием взвешенного материала.

  • Если расход не является постоянным, то рекомендуется устанавливать буферный резервуар для гидравлической регулировки уровня питания гидрофильтра с постоянным расходом.


24 hours operation

High flow rate

The hydro-filter operates 24 hours a day. Solid particles fall on the filter panels not perpendicularly but at an angle so that filtration efficiency increases sharply also it can range due to the disks adjustable rotation speed.

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10 times finer filtration compared to traditional mechanical screens

Filter panels trap solids a size of 0.1 mm suspended in liquids depending on the mesh type used in filter. An additional filter layer that enhances the microfiltration ability creates sedimentation on the filter panels.

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Load reduction

For all subsequent stages of water treatment

Discharged solid material humidity can be adjusted by the discs rotation speed reducing or increasing – from 3 to 18 revolutions per minute. Solids excess are discharged automatically through the front opening between the discs.

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Automatic self-cleaning of discs

Automatic discs cleaning from sludge by a flushing system that consists from pipes equipped with injectors to spraying water supplied under pressure. While the sediment layer increases, the discs self-clean with the same solid sludge material.

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Corrosion resistance

Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel

The hydro-filter combines high design strength, efficiency and simplicity that finds in other equipment rarely. The filter container is made of stainless steel with thick of 3 mm and equipped with a protective cover.

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Compact size

Can be incorporated into any water treatment line, can be quickly reinstalled in a different place

The hydro-filter can be carried with a forklift. It must be installed on a horizontal surface that can bear the weight of the unit during operation including the amount of water contained in it.

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GRANGARO is a manufacturer of plastic, film and PET bottles recycling machines. We use modern technology and materials during the design and production process, to create durable and reliable machines.

Our skilled experts will select the complete industrial waste treatment lines you need for your enterprise. You can purchase a disk micro-filter and other machines from us that enable high-quality wastewater treatment and reuse in plastic waste recycling lines.


When recycling plastic, a large amount of water is required, so the main task becomes continuous and high-quality waste water treatment. The machines we offer helps provide the process with the necessary volume of water, with a minimum refilling up of the system with fresh water.

The micro-filter helps remove small and medium sized suspensions during the water purification stage. This is a compact solution that removes a significant amount of contaminants.

The disk filters we offer have high production output and are used to filter off suspended particles from industrial waste water. The machine is used in plastic waste recycling enterprises, it enables the reuse of up to 95% of water and optimization of costs.


The industrial hydraulic filter has the following advantages:

  • compact sizes, making it easy to reinstall the device in another place;
  • high production output;
  • double automatic self-cleaning - has a double system for cleaning the screens, with the help of the counter-current movement of the sludge and flashing with nozzles that supply water under pressure and eliminate clogging;
  • 24-hour operation – does not require interruptions during normal operation;
  • adjustable rotation speed of the filtering discs allows you to increase / decrease the speed and select the optimal mode for a particular type of waste water;
  • high corrosion resistance – the disc filters have a simple and reliable design and are made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.


Disk micro-filters used in industrial plastic waste recycling enterprises consist of:

  • filtering discs;
  • nozzle systems;
  • central shaft;
  • water inlet, outlet, and overflow openings;
  • ludge discharge tray.

Filtering discs are located on the central shaft. On the opposite side of the drive system are inlet, outlet and overflow pipes. Waste water is supplied through a special inlet, and passes through the filtering discs. The filtered water can be reused, contaminants are removed through the sludge discharge tray. Automatic self-cleaning and operation of filtering disks takes place without interruption.


Disc filters for wastewater filtration are selected according to the following criteria:

  • features;
  • amount of wastewater to be filtered;
  • estimated amount and nature of contamination in waste water;

Our experts will help you through with selecting the right machines, will tell you about the characteristics and advantages of the models you prefer. We offer machines taking into account the needs and criteria for filtering quality.

The waste water micro-filters we supply have an automated self-cleaning system. We help our customers to choose the optimal mode of operation of the machines, trying to minimize operating costs and time. The production output of the filters on offer are determined by the area and speed of filtration, as well as the size of the filtering screen.


Our organization specializes in the production of machines designed for the recycling of plastic and film waste. By cooperating with us, you not only get the opportunity to purchase disk micro-filters, centrifuges, industrial vibrating screens and other all-in-one processing lines, but also the opportunity to enjoy designing services, equipment installation, and employee training.

We offer wastewater filtering machines that can massively increase the production output of the plastic recycling line and improve the quality of the process. We provide after-sales service, timely replacement of broken down components, which enables your company to avoid downtime.

The waste water disc filters we produce will last a long time. Make an order or design a recycling line through the feedback form on the website or by contacting our specialists by phone. Our specialists will answer any questions.