HYDRAULIC COMPACTOR for compacting waste from mechanical wastewater treatment screens

  • Designed for mechanical dewatering of waste discharged after rake screens, rotating discs screens, drum screens and other filters in waste water treatment systems.

  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304.

  • Ideal for dewatering processing «fines» in plastic recycling plants

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  • Dehydration up to 60 to 70% depending on the nature of impurities, fraction, and initial moisture content.
  • Hydraulic compression. The material for dewatering is loaded into a receiving hopper and accumulates inside a compression chamber made partly of a perforated screen. The piston pushes the material forward, cyclically compressing and dewatering it. The liquid passes through the openings of the compression chamber and is col lected in a special reservoir before disposal .
  • Simple and reliable design. All parts are made of stainless steel AISI 304. Compact design, small footprint.
  • Automatic mode. The dewatered material is pushed inside the discharge pipe to the outlet and collected in a container. The piston is driven by an integrated hydraulic unit. There is a protection against overheating and overpressure, a sensor for the minimum level of hydraulic fluid.

Hydraulic compaction
The screened material is loaded into the hopper and is accumulated inside the compression chamber partially made from perforated mesh. The piston pushes the material forward, compressing and dehydrating it cyclically.

The fluid passes through the perforations on the compression chamber into a special tank where it is stored for later disposal.


Automatic mode
The dehydrated material is pushed inside the discharge pipe to the outlet and collected in a container. The piston is driven by a special drive unit with sensors for maximum temperature and minimum oil level. A safety valve protects the system from overpressure.


up to 60-70% of dry material.


Flow rate: up to 3 tons / hour of material with 10% dry substance
All parts in contact with water are made of AISI 304 stainless steel
The hydraulic piston is made of painted steelи
The cylinder is covered by a wear-resistant polymer coating
Production output: about 700 kg / h with 60% dry material
Electric motor: 3 kW - 400 V, 50 Hz
Tank: 30 liters
Max working pressure: 160 bar
Nominal flow rate: 13 l / min

GRAN GARO is a manufacturer of machines for plastic waste recycling companies.

Hydraulic compactors are designed to remove excess moisture from waste recovered from recycled water in water treatment systems. As part of the water treatment system in the plastic recycling line, the press-compactor provides size-reductions and collection of plastic and paper fines saving subsequent disposal costs.


The GRAN GARO press compactor is made up of:

  • receiving hopper, piston mechanism, discharge pipe;

  • hydraulic system consisting of a gear pump, hydraulic shuttle valve, pressure relief valve, glycerin pressure gauge, pump suction filter, stainless steel oil tank, oil level indicator, electric oil level sensor, oil temperature sensor;

  • control panel.

The operating principle: The source material is loaded through the feeding inlet into the perforated spin chamber where it accumulates. The hydraulic piston pushes the material forward, compressing and dehydrating it. Excess water exits through the perforations of the compression chamber and is collected in a separate tank before final discharge. The dehydrated material is pushed into the discharge pipe and slowly and cyclically moves to the discharge point into the garbage container. The hydraulic system operates in automatic mode, equipped with the necessary sensors for oil level, temperature and pressure. The system has a safety valve to prevent overpressure on the circuit. The removal of water and dehydration of waste is carried out automatically and continuously without any interruptions.

This type of hydraulic compactors are used in dehydrating solid waste from various waste water treatment systems:

  • at plastic recycling enterprises (LDPE film, HDPE, PP, woven and non- woven bags, big bags, HDPE canisters, bottles, PET bottles);

  • in livestock, poultry farms;

  • at sewage treatment plants of various origin.


The machine is made of stainless steel, known for its high corrosion resistance over a long period.

The obvious advantages include:

  • reduction of waste due to dehydration from 80-90% to 60-70% of solid matter;

  • automatic operation with low energy consumption.

The cost of the horizontal press compactor depends on:

  • production output, size;

  • the material from which the main components are made (stainless or low carbon steel).

We recommend buying a GRAN GARO press compactor in addition to GRAN GARO rotating disc filters or any other primary screens, filters that remove small, medium, large- sized solids from wastewater or circulating water with a moisture of up to 90%.

You can buy the GRANGARO compactor, components and spare parts worldwide.

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