Грабельная решетка

Channel rake for primary wastewater treatment

  • The bar screen is designed for preliminary wastewater treatment from impurities larger than the gap distance between the rods) of the bar screen.

  • It is widely used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants to intercept large and medium floating objects (such as branches, weeds, wood chips, plastic waste, household waste, and so on).

  • Installed in the channel.

  • Installed in the channel. The use of a bar screen for automatic and continuous removal of debris avoids blocking all subsequent stages of water treatment.
  • Principle of operation. The bar screen consists of a rotation system, a rack, a pulling chain, toothed combs, guide wheels, filter rods and a sludge trap. The rotation system drives the comb up and down by means of a traction chain, the toothed comb is lowered at the rear of the grate, the underwater guide wheel changes the direction of movement of the toothed comb. Floating objects, intercepted by the filter rods, are captured by the toothed comb and rise along the screen from the bottom up into the garbage discharge funnel.
  • Simple and reliable design. All parts are made of AISI 304 stainless steel or high-strength plastic. Compact design, small footprint.
  • Does not require operator presence. The waste is discharged automatically. Continuous screening allows reuse of up to 95% of water, which significantly reduces the operating costs of the entire complex. It is only necessary to observe and periodically remove the screened and collected waste.



Corrosion resistance
All metal parts are made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel. Some components, such as teeth and chain bushings, are made of special plastic.


Holds up
a wide range of dirt

Work is done by a translational chain that holds up solid material, lifting it up to the discharge point.


It is successfully used
in post-consumer plastic recycling

Can be installed at industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants. Upon request we can install high capacity extraction equipment.



1a 1b 1c 2a 2b 2c 3a 3b 3c 4a
A B C H1 H2 L1 l2
300 290 590 1000 2050 1000 1600
300 290 590 1500 2550 1150 1750
300 290 590 2000 3000 1500 2100
500 490 790 1000 2050 1000 1600
500 490 790 1500 2550 1150 1750
500 490 790 2000 3000 1500 2100
750 740 1050 1000 2050 1000 1600
750 740 1050 1500 2550 1150 1750
750 740 1050 2000 3000 1500 2100
1000 990 1300 2000 3250 1500 2100

A = channel width

B = screen width

С = overall dimensions

H1 = sludge discharge height

H2 = total height

L1 = support base

L2 = full length

Mechanical rake screens are installed in buildings, at sewage and waste water treatment facilities. These devices are renowned for their simplicity in operation, durability and reliability.


This machine is designed to remove large and medium-sized debris from domestic and industrial wastewater. The debris is then mechanically loaded into a waste container or discharged onto a conveyor.

Mechanical rake screen is a movable mesh filtering element that removes large sized debris from liquids. It has a self-cleaning function, which avoids machine downtime during operations at waste water treatment lines at the enterprise.

Rake screens have the following features:

  • Resistance to corrosion. All components are made of high-quality stainless steel or plastic (chain bushings, teeth), which work very well in wet environment.
  • Successfully used in polymer waste processing lines. Screen equipment is installed in municipal or industrial waste water treatment plants. Additionally, higher levels are installed for waste discharge.
  • Holding up different sized solid contaminations. Thanks to the translational movement, the mechanized rake screen accumulates large and medium sized debris, and then raises them to the discharge point.

The operating principle is simple: debris in the liquid is trapped by the screen. The rake collects debris from the top edge of the frame. On the slope, the ejector moves the debris into a special container. The frequency of operation depends on the machine settings.